Taking Your Business Mobile 

Whether you are evolving your current business processes to create a mobile presence, or looking to revolutionize how you do business in a mobile world, we can help you achieve your goals with:

  •  Responsive Websites—Allows your website to display well when accessed by a SmartPhone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, or other mobile device. These mobile-friendly websites are optimum for customers involved with purchase research or information gathering.
  • Web Apps—Involves mobile-friendly software accessed through an Internet browser, replacing hyperlinks with buttons for easier navigation. Web apps are optimum for task-focused work, like online purchasing, banking, and other transaction-based functions.
  • Hybrid Apps—Takes a basic Web App and wraps it in code to cause it to emulate an app written for a specific platform, like Android. The advantage of a hybrid app is that it can be uploaded to the app stores for easier distribution.
  • Native Apps— Provides the best speed and the ability to operate independent of Internet access, due to code written specifically for a device in its native language. These apps are also more secure for data transmission because they interact directly with your back-end systems and do not need to go through an Internet browser. 

Examples of custom mobile apps we have developed include:

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